Spell emanate from dictionary imprints entrenched beneath the heart.

Incessant prayers from dawn till dusk to wish for the endless greed of living invariably a prosperous life, Without getting even drenched in tears. But every time consign to Oblivion to bow down to express the gratitude for the slightest events that take place every day from Dawn till Dusk to brighten our lives. Gratitude isn’t a word that emanates from the dictionary, Rather treasure of contentment hidden underneath its profoundness that exhibits us a trail of leading towards bereft of resentment for the past events that occur to shattered oneself, Also shore up oneself to have forgiveness for the past and gratitude for the present. Once we espoused with this emotional feeling of gratitude changes starts within of being grateful for the warmness of sun, placidness of the moon and for the most amazing thing we have i.e We ourselves, Gratitude it’s like an icing on the cake to be successful in every aspect of life, Being grateful means we are revering every minutest thing about this universe that makes oneself a more compassionate or serene.

Success comes after gratitude

More grateful we are

Less awful our lives Be


The script in hand -directed by a multitude of artist

Visceral experience in hand in exchange of words written by scriptwriter, Outright package of movie beyond multiplexes statistics, It’s like script of literary words within a trunk of emotions interpreted through multitude of artist, Where poet tries to nudge the readers emotional chord, Though penned down words belongs to a one who prowess in shuffling literary words through his intellect. Whereas reader himself engrossed as a director, actor, editor cinematographer even location also set up by a reader within the room of literature. Not only words that remains in emotional trunk these are feelings that transmuted into Reader’s emotional experience through which connection has been created amidst the poet and The Reader from there on reader able to comprehend the meaning of others script according to his or her memories & the past experiences whatever gone through within the span of time through the pearls of words .

Memories are full of caprice and words are a better way to describe its profoundness whether it’s yours or others.

Loosen up pants of provoked assholes

Impediments on the way of shoring up future of developing Nation, as a matter of fact, prod us to contemplate about the mindsets that have been plagued us from the beginning of the time, The irony of the 21st century is that we still gripped with its tentacles. Questions being raised of the gender when it comes to their safeguard under their shade not being molested or abused, Earlier wondered maybe they got to be provoked with the strap of brassiere, length of the dress above two factors may or may not be considered but the cleavage for sure, After all they eroticize with all these factors. But what about the toddlers wearing a diaper, How provoked assholes loosen up their pants??What irresistible about them, For their innocence of being a toddler, Maybe because famous adage “God resides in the heart of the children” 🤔Ohhh yeah got it they provoked to get Moksha or nirvana??😡😠By sabotaging and ruining their innocence, Well introduced 👏them to worlds assholes brutality&level of their conscience that allows them to do so. Completely disgraceful to any society&cannot be justified by any right-wing or moral ideologies.

Unrequited love…💓

I love you
but love doesn’t enough
to be in love with this feeling

I think about you
but thinking doesn’t enough
To be in love with this fervor

I care about you
but caring doesn’t enough
to be in love with this transfixing

I dream about you
but dreaming doesn’t enough
to be in love with this heart throbbing

I reminisce the moments that I spent with you
but Reminiscing doesn’t enough
to be in love with this mesmerizing feeling

I know whatever I say, whatever I do
It wouldn’t be enough to be in love with you and with this feeling

But I wish you to be here
But I wish you to embrace me
But I wish you to kiss me

wishes are wishes

and we have no control over them

But Someday

I wish it could be enough for you to feel the same

As I do

I love you

but love doesn’t enough

to be in love with this feeling

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