Beyond the folklore Emphasis to Positive Outlook

Another year, about to kick start within a few minutes and the setting up of new year resolutions seems to be easier yet difficult to carry out throughout the year.

Party mode is on and on a ,binge of food, and alcohol in glasses running through the tongue to overpower the nerves that we call “Repertoire”.
Let’s change the equation a bit this year and ponder beyond the folklore that we are following since our childhood.
No more negative perspective this year.

Come on! From the room of Darkness let’s exchange smiles with the strangers, don’t aggravate others distresses if you can’t sort it out.

Genuinely, be grateful for everything around you even the obstacles that thrown up to you.

Do one’s best to keep the life as simple as you can & exhale your all the doubts and live your life without being complicated.

Waiting ….for one

From the endless nights,

I have been waiting for the one

Come on love show me your desperateness.

From the never-ending day

I have been waiting for the one

Come on love show me your restlessness.

From the lonely cosy dawn

I have been waiting for the one

Come on love show me your warmness.

From the faded dusk

I have been waiting for the one

Come on love show me your love hues.

From the years I have been wandering

On the itinerary of compassion

Come on love hold me tight

In the world of strangers

Come on love take away

the worries I have been entangled with

I have been waiting for the one

Who comprehend when no one does

Come on love let’s drive

To the starry nights

Come on love let’s make love

Under the shade of twilight

Come on love let the souls meet

With the blessing of the universe

Quest ended for the one
I have been waiting for
Come on love show me ………..!πŸ’•πŸ’•

Soul Delving passageway to Nature Calling

Caged birds residing in the province of metropolitan cities, those are wandering to owe their wings, Haplessly cobwebbed to insatiable materialistic needs.
But that craving for the earthy smell invariably wafts up along to our mind, Whenever we envisage about nature, And at that time maybe we didn’t ponder even, But somewhere for a while, we have forgotten our worries and targets.
That’s what the magic of therapeutic Nature.
So, what you have been waiting for, take a halt for a while to vamp up lives by connecting through nature calling.

Love isn’t that complicated when Entwined with the thread of Friendship

Revamping of love with the decor of friendship ushering in a new definition of love that seems complicated in the word of apathy.

To comprehend the profoundness of love Infuse the beauty of friendship before being in the bondage of love that embarked on with the intense emotions & the feelings that blow your mind along with the heart.

But at some point of time, Where merely love couldn’t be enough to flourish within the bond you share with your beloved throughout the life.

When the time comes love could ravage the intense feelings of love, But friendship comes through as a salvation to confiscate the love amidst the relationship.

Befriend with the magic of salvation before fallen for love.